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It’s Easy…

  • You Can Set A Recurring Appointment…
  • Or Set An Appointment At Your Convenience…
  • Any Size Group!!! No Minimum Number We Will Come To You!!!


Help us stop the madness!!! Let your friends, instructor or person in charge of fingerprinting know about us and sign them up using this service agreement

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Every time your friend or account you signed up gets fingerprinted you get money sent directly to your account within 24-48 hours!!!

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How do we benefit you?


  1. You Control The Process
  2. We Offer Extreme Flexibility With Appointments Being Available 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
  3. We Have The Lowest Cost Of Any Mobile Service Guaranteed!!!




Sit in traffic and wait in long lines just to get fingerprinted!!!

When Instead You Can…

Have The Fingerprinting Brought Directly To You, For The Same Price!!!

Streamline your fingerprinting experience with A Mobile Fingerprinter and

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