Protect your ID


  • We at A Mobile Fingerprinter understand the ever-growing problem of identity theft. That is why we think that it is important to explain exactly what we do with your fingerprints and how we keep them safe.
  • We take the fingerprints on our Illinois State Police and FBI certified equipment. Then we transmit them through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) via a secure TI cable modem.
  • From that point on, the Illinois State Police conducts a fingerprint-based background check. The results get sent directly to the requesting agency. Our office never receives or sees any of the results.
  • After 30 days or until we can confirm that all responses are received, our firm will delete your records from our computers at your request.


We understand that this is an extremely sensitive issue and we will go above and beyond to make sure that your fingerprint records are handled with the most professional attention. We thank you in advance for understanding. When it comes to our kids’ safety, can we ever truly do enough?


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